Cold Pizza

I like cold pizza. I really do. But thankfully through the grace of God and a close family friend I have a brand new too me microwave. A humongously heavy beast of an old school Toshiba that has to sit on the bar table that seperates my kitchen from the rest of my studio. It works great but is inconveniently large. So much so I was surprised when I was able to actually fit 2 large pizza boxes and 2 orders of breadsticks in it. That's a big microwave.

The thing that gets me though is when did large pizza's get so small. I mean back in the day a large pizza was really big. Now adays it seems that they just cut a medium into more slices. Call me crazy but the boxes are still big. Huge actually. But you open it and there is this little pizza that slides around in there. I don't know. Only a couple of people I know have noticed a similar phenomenon. But then I'm one of the last Pizza Hut customers among my friends. I can't speak on other restaurants. But Pizza Hut... mark my words... they are up to something.