Pre-Approval Denied

A couple years back I had really really bad credit. I mean pitiful. When I moved into my apartment I tried to finance a Cort furniture coffee table for $250. DENIED. Apparently I was some type of flight risk or something. Atleast that's what Wells Fargo eluded too when I talked to them about it over the phone at the furniture store. Embarassed and ashamed I kept my head up and enjoyed the rest of the festivities (apparently every year they have some type of party for potential business customers, thankfully (or not) I had a DBA (doing business as...) at the time). About a year or so before that I was DENIED a pre-approved credit card. Yes, you read that right. My credit used to be so bad that I was DENIED a credit card that was supposed to be pre-approved for me to get. I guess I should have realized that it was still messed up. But hey cut me some slack, by the time the incident at Cort happened I had been working at my new job for like 6 months paying my bills on time and everything. Now that I think about it I hadn't made any late payments in years. And still $250 for a guy like me was a credit risk for Wells Fargo.

I must admit I was a little shocked several weeks ago when I got the pre-approved mastercard application. It's been years I tell you. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be able to actually get it. I filled out the online app just on a whim. At the very least I figured I could get some free credit reports once I got the DENIED letters. Though I knew my credit had gotten a little better. Last year I tried to get a condo only to discover that if your income is in the low to mid $30K in southern california you can't really buy shit. Atleast not shit that you might want to live in. I was pre-approved for a marginal mortgage of about $65K. Not that I found anything for that price. But then I was told it is easy to buy a home on credit than it is to just get credit for stuff. Who knew. Needless to say I am still renting.

So, imagine my shock at the sight of the letter from the credit card company saying that my card would be here soon. And when it came I was still in disbelief. I still can't remember the last time I had working plastic in my wallet. Speaking of which when I called to activate it I was greeted by a customer service rep after entering my card number. She again asked for my card number. After a couple seconds she said that this account was not active and that I should call back on monday unless I have just a general question.

"Oh No," I thought. "This is all some horrible mistake. A cruel creditors joke played upon wannabes that long for the college days of pre-approved credit applications ."

My heart sank as I explained that I was calling to have it activated.

"Oh," she said. "I can do that for you."

And just like that I was credit worthy again.

Thankfully I am no longer a broke college student. Though I am a some what broke working class guy. Who am I kidding? I'm still broke. But now maybe I can get this credit to work for me. At the very least I have grown wiser over the years. I'm thinking I might be able to flip it. Investing would be better than that Gamecube I was thinking about getting. Now if I can just find a quick and easy investment that pays out better than 9%. To be continued...