Temporal Job Hunting

Seems like time is just flying by. January is already almost over. It seems as though the older I get the faster time seems to be moving. So I get older faster and time moves faster to make me older faster... Well you get the idea. See I had an interview last Monday and it just dawned on me that it had been a week with no word. As I thought about it I realized that the phone interview leading up to the in person meeting was in December. Around the second week if I remember correctly. And even before that the recruiter (is it just me or do they all just suck) told me about it around the end of November. My God that's 3 different months. When did it get so hard to get a job? Normally they submit you, call you for the interview, then you interview all within a week or 2. But this is dragging out way too long. Man I need a new career. Maybe I should look for a recruiter job. From what I've seen they get paid pretty well to not do much. But hey what do I know I've been looking for a new job for months now.