I must be doing something wrong.

Had another interview last week. I'm thinking I didn't get it. It was for the Apple store. I'll try to be brief.

See I say the posting on Monster a couple weeks back but kinda felt like, "Do I really want to work at the Apple Store?" No, not really. So I went on about my business. 1 or 2 days later one of the guys from my job e-mails me with the link to job listing I had seen for Apple. So I figure ok maybe this is a sign. I took the bait and applied online. Sure enough they called and e-mailed me about the job. In my procrastination I didn't respond until Thursday evening. Only to get an Auto Reply in my e-mail Friday night that I should forward my inquiry to another person. So here I am thinking I'm too late having gotten the auto reply. Did I mention that they wanted people for a mass interview/exam on that Sunday? Well the next day I e-mail person #2 thinking I'm already too late what do I have to lose. No response. Of course. Oh well I'm in the clear and have nothing but the graveyard shift to look forward too Sunday night. And then I checked my e-mail Sunday evening. Only to discover information about the nights festivities. Crap.

So, here I am thinking I just messed this up when I get another e-mail the next day saying sorry we missed you. Man who knew they would be so persistent. Needless to say I chose the Thursday morning appointment. Showed up on time. Had a decent interview (even if she did speak to me and another guy at the same time). And then I took their exam. Which basically covered most things MAC I have never had to deal with. Like updating firmware on a MAC(though to be fair I did have to do this once 5 years ago on an iMac but I had help), iPod settings, and wireless networking. With some customer service thrown in for good measure. In my defense it was a 4 page test better suited for an hour as opposed to the 30 minutes I was given. I'm pretty handy with a MAC but I just didn't know or remember some of the stuff we got quizzed on. Oh well. I tried.

But here is the thing. I turn in my test and the woman is telling me about how fast they want to move. And they will be contacting people that afternoon. If you made it they would call and if you didn't they would e-mail. Just my luck I've gotten neither.

Damn, is it just me? Seems like you can't buy a job nowadays.