Same ole same

It's been slow this month. I just wanted to actually post something here so I could have a March archive. So here is the abbreviated version of the months events. Not that they were all that eventful.

Watched the Berserk anime from beginning to end. It was a good series but the ending will piss you off. If only because it stops. Not only that it appeared to be getting better. Or at least going in a different direction. Thankfully the rumor mill has it that they are going into production on a 2nd season. I guess I'll have to get the Manga in the meanwhile. Can't wait 'til I get Cowboy Bebop.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD is hilarious. If you even remotely enjoy this Cartoon Network favorite go out and get this DVD. Master Shake is a fool.

I've noticed I've been drinking more. What does that mean exactly? On the weekends I might have a 6 pack or 2. Doesn't seem like much but to go from nothing to that is a big step for me. Thankfully I haven't felt the need to do more than that.

Still on the job hunt with no hope insight. In another few weeks I will probably be back off the night shift and working days again. I'm not looking forward to it.

Hmmm, I think that's about it for the month. Not much but I'll keep posting as I go. Not that anybody even reads this thing.