Another Slow One

I'm a lazy writer. I'm not ashamed to admit that. Not particulary. Having a job doing tech support (i.e. helpdesk) means that I type all day long. So I pretty much could careless about typing when I get home. So e-mails might get read but don't always get answered. I think I'm becoming a hermit or something. I don't answer the phone (99.9% of the time anyway) and I respond to e-mails days after I get them. Though I don't mind the occasional IM conversation. Yeah I got issues.

So, another month goes by and here I am again. Lets recap shall we. I had another interview at the end of March which I did not get. With no explaination as to why no less. Just a standard form letter. So I am stuck at my current crappy underpaid and sometimes stressful helpdesk job. Yah.

Finally got Cowboy Bebop and watched it from beginning to end. Another great anime series. Sad to see it end. Now I have to get the movie to enjoy the crew of the Bebop's continuing adventures.

A friend recently let me borrow Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Yeah I know I'm late. But the game is fun and hard all at the same time. Those fucking guards are way smarter but still kinda stupid at the same time. They look under the box now and open up lockers you are hiding in. But hide behind a a crate in a storage room and they won't even walk over there. It's weird but atleast you can find a place to hide. Sometimes.

This month I have seen Hellboy, Walking Tall, Kill Bill vol 2, and Dawn of the Dead. All had some good qualities. Though Kill Bill is probably the better of the 4. I think there is another I saw but I don't remember.

That's my month. Haven't been drinking to much but that is probably a good thing. Until next time...