Time Flies

Damn, I can't believe it's been almost 6 months since my last post. I really need to do better. Considering my last post was about how I need to write more. Truth is I was probably just overwhelmed by my situation. Since the influx of credit, job stress and just my general dissatisfaction with life I was really down in the dumps. So to speak. But thankfully a new and more profitable job has been secured. And damn is it a lot less stressful (so far, I've only been there 2 months) then my last one. Who would have thought that lawyers would be cooler than record execs. Go figure. I'm as surprised as anyone.

These past couple of months have given me some interesting insights. Basically everyone hates there job. Atleast the majority of people do. See I work on a Help Desk. Which means I do tech support and daily I answer peoples questions and assist them with their inane computer problems. And the people I work with, most of whom have been there anywhere from several years to several months, don't like it all that much. Mostly because of recent changes that have been made within management. But still they think it sux now compared to how it used to be. I can only imagine since for the most part the people I have dealt with have been relatively cool. Though my co-workers will say it's more the management than the customers/users we deal with. Even still my boss is the former big boss from my old company. And he is cool. But here at the new place he is the big middle boss and he is still cool. Even my manager under the big boss is relatively cool. Older and sometimes forgetful guy that he is. And did I mention that the customers are a lot better. Even the guy over this passed weekend I couldn't help because of a server issue, so he had to come into the office even though he didn't want to. I was hesitant to talk to him when he called back but he was actually ok. Truthfully I was having flash backs of record execs and their assistants and their assistant's assistant's. Which is an insanity unto itself. Don't get me wrong I have dealt with at least one person, ok maybe two people, that were completely intolerable. But I'm getting to old for this shit. And if you can't duplicate the problem, I can't tell you how to fix it now can I? But overall it's been a good experience. Not to mention I have real benefits now. Damn, I never thought I would be anticipating my next trip to the dentist. I must be getting old.

I don't even want to talk about the election. Suffice it to say there are websites dedicated to both sides of the fence. For those that are sorry: Sorry Everybody. And for those that aren't: We're Not Sorry. Thanx to Warren Ellis for the latter. And if you don't know who that is... recognize, bitches!!! Die Puny Humans