Adventures in Car Shopping

Car Salesmen suck. No offense to any that might be reading this. But it's true. You suck. A couple weeks ago I was at the car dealer. Not to buy a car but to have my scheduled maintenance done. Needless to say while waiting in the lounge a car salesman walks by. At first he, like most of the people there, were drawn to the Yorkie in a bag this chick had. Why you would bring your 5 month old dog to the mechanic is beyond me. But hey too each is own. She seemed really excited about having a dog. So of course Mr Salesman asked the girl what year her car was while gawking at the mutt. It was an '05 so naturally it was too new for her to want another. So he moved on to me. My car is an '01 but I'm not looking to buy. So he leaves and comes walking by again. This time I stop him. I want to see a Highlander and he is more than happy to show me one. He shows me several. I test drive one. It's a nice ride. But I have no intentions of buying one. Especially not that day. I just wanted to see it. Which I told him. But he decides to play the 'what if game.' If you have ever bought a car then you have probably played it too. What if I can give it to you for this much? What if I can do this for you? What if I pay for your maintenance? And so on and so forth.

Needless to say I was there way longer than I needed to be. Considering my car was ready 30 minutes sooner than expected. So it was just waiting for me while we haggled and haggled. Not to mention he brought out the sales manager on me. Who, the more I said no, the more he seemed to drop the price. But this is all hypothetical of course. Because he wasn't sure if any of it would fly because his boss could still say 'no.' So when we started all this BS it was $585/month with $1000 down half of which could be paid after 2 weeks. By the time I was walking out it was $400/month no money down they would pay for my maintenance and my next car payment would go toward the Highlander which I could drive off the lot today. Uh Huh. If you could do that, motherfucker, you would have done it in the first place. Oh, my mistake, this is still all hypothetical because his boss still my say 'no.' So why go through all this and then try to act like I'm a dumbass for not taking such a good deal. As if you are some how doing me a favor by getting me deeper in debt and increasing my car insurance rates. As if you really know a legit car insurance company with an unintelligible name that is really one of the largest insurance companies in the nation that would not only get me a rate cheaper than my current payment for a new and more expensive car they could cut my current payment at least by half or more. Uh Huh. I really did my homework last year when searching for car insurance. Eastwood still has the lowest rate. Not unintelligible insurance inc. Well unless you count that one place that said they could offer full coverage on my car for like $40 down and $30 a month. Seriously. So like car insurance as in car sales (and life for that matter) if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

So after being there an hour later than I needed to be and an hour an half longer than I had to be I left in my '01. Which is doing just fine by the way. Absolutely no problems. This is after a year with out an oil change. Yeah I know I will do better. Funny thing is the service tech processing the maintenance reservations had a customer disappear on him when I got there. He had been searching the lounge and calling her but she was ghost. Since I told him I was going to be staying in the lounge he questioned whether I would disappear on him too. I assured him I wouldn't. Naturally he was all hands in the air and "what happened man?" when I reappeared. I shook my head and explained I got stuck with a salesman. He too shook his head and expressed his complete understanding. Hell, he was damn near apologetic. Next time I buy a car I'm using