Earthquakes and Aftershocks

The quake today occurred while I was in a meeting at work. It was only 4.9, lasted only several seconds, and no one (as far I know) was hurt. So it was kinda funny. We were on the 18th floor and it sounded like someone dropped something very heavy or was bounding down the hall. Atleast until we realized it was shaking the whole building. One of the guys in the meeting got excited. He hasn't been in Cali a full year yet and this was his first earthquake. So he was bouncing off all the walls afterwards. Feeling as though he has been initiated into California living. He thought we all should be excited. Until I pointed out it's only because he had never seen the devastation that an earthquake can cause that he could find some joy in this. He conceded. Earthquakes are cool until someone gets hurt. But then he wasn't as bad as the chick that felt she should go home after the quake. Huh?