Huh, what?

So I've been trying to be good and stay away from the fast food. So, this weekend I indulged a little and went to McDonald's. Twice no less. Now keep in mind I hardly ever go there. It's probably been a couple months. But they have these new sandwiches that are really good. They have these chicken club sandwiches that are great. Though apparently people have trouble understanding me through the drive thru speaker. Keep in mind that I took a voiceover class this passed weekend. And one of the things my teacher complimented me on was my clarity and enunciation when doing these funny voices in class. Yet somehow the people at McDonald's seem unable to understand me when I ask for a "#7 with cheese and no tomato." Even though I am speaking loud and clear into the mike. I'm not yelling or talking funny. But on 2 seperate occasions at 2 seperate Mickey D's 2 different order takes where like "Huh, what?" The first time it was an older hispanic woman whose 1st languange may not have been english. Atleast I'm guessing by the thickness of her accent. But after a couple of trys we got it together and everything was cool. 2nd time annoyed me to no end because the chick on the other end of the mike sounded like Shenana. Here reaction to my order was as if I started cursing at her in Russian. Now keep in mind I am only slightly exagerrating but at the same time her reaction to my #7 with cheese no tomato was as if I was somehow not speaking english. I don't know if she was new or not new to the register but after a few moments she asked me to hold on. Then another woman took over. The person that took over was an hispanic woman that I had to repeat my order too. But atleast she got it. I pulled around paid her my money then a woman, that I can only assume was the chick that initially tried to take my order, gave me my food. I couldn't help but wonder why this order took 2 people. Maybe Mickey D's is slippin'. Or maybe this is the universe telling me to stay away from fast food.