I don't like to think...

these are the words that I heard leave a woman's mouth yesterday. This is a woman who I have seen maybe 3 times in the last year in a half. Keep in mind the 2nd time she asked my Aunt who I was. This time she apparently seemed to recognize me as someone she has atleast seen before. I know this because while watching movies she directed random phrases toward me. Not that I recall any of them. But I digress...

Contrary to popular belief I do have some peoples here in SoCal. Older family friend type peoples but they are like family none the less. I spent the 4th with them enjoying movies, BBQ, and the way every one was fawning over my new baby cousin. While attempting to watch a DVD, me, and one of the guys, enlisted the help of the man of the house. Neither of us were familiar with his systems setup. So rather than fuck around with his shit we decided to get him to do it. So he began setting up for the DVD.

The woman I mentioned before said, "I don't like to think."

I kinda played it off. Mostly because I was wondering did I just her form that sentence. The other guy was more interested in determining her thought process.

"Huh," he stated looking very quizzically at the woman.

"I don't like to think. That setup is too complicated. I like things to be simple. I don't really like to have to think about stuff."

The other guy kinda nodded and said yeah.

That's as best I can recall. Some of it may not be exact but you get the idea. Even in context it still sounds kinda silly. To put it into more context, there setup is basically a big TV, an Aiwa shelf system and a DVD player. Oh and a cable box. True enough they had like 5 remotes. Atleast one missing a battery. Not that complicated but we didn't want to sit there fumbling around for a while either. Especially when the home owners could do it in all of 3 button clicks.

To be honest that chick has always kinda struck me as having that deer in the headlights look to her. Not that there is anything wrong with that.