Fry's Sucks...

yeah I know that is an obvious statement to most of the people on the west coast. Fry's is an electronics chain out here on the west side. It is monolithic in preportions with constant sales on electronic items that never seem to be in the store when you go there. Atleast that was the case for Rainmayun and DatFuule when we all lived in Northern Cali. Not to mention the ever present line at the customer service window. I mean really no one has lines like these. No one. So I got it into my head that Fry's was not the spot for major electronic purchases. Who cares if it's a Sears, Best Buy and Radio Shack all crammed into the same gigantic store. Especially if you can never get the stuff that's on sale.

For all my talk I do shop at Fry's. But nothing major. They have great deals on movies, a decent video game selection (particularly the greatest hits section), and generic DVD-Rs. That's basically all I get from there. I bought some Sony headphones once that still work and have never given me problems. But I've only had them a few months. Time will tell.

Which brings me to the point of this post: Monday I went to Fry's intent on buying a movie or 2. A couple weeks ago I picked up Menace II Society & Love Jones for like $20 and some change. This week I was intent on buying Anchorman. Everybody tells me it was hilarious and Will Ferrell is pretty funny. So I browse the comedy section and damn if it wasn't there. Keep in mind they have a large selection. I mean really really huge. They have a wall about the length of a basketball court with nothing but movies. Not to mention the several aisles of anime, TV shows and adult oriented material. But Anchorman was no where to be found. That was odd enough but combine that with the fact that the other movies I tried to find were no where to be found. The Transporter (which I had seen there before), The Legend of Drunken Master (aka Drunken Master2) and Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels. Keep in mind I wasn't going to buy them all. Just one. Maybe 2 if the price was right. But they were no where to be found. I must have spent a good 20 minutes along the wall retracing my steps. To no avail. Ultimately I settled for a video game: Metal Gear Solid 3. Currently making the rounds in Fuule's PS2. He, like everyone else I know that is playing it, is enjoying it. As cool as the game is I was still disappointed that they didn't have any, not one, of the movies I was looking for. But, hey, I could have gotten a copy of Action Jackson for $6. Somehow I didn't think it was worth it. Maybe I should sign up for Netflix.