iTunes Oddities

Recently, Apple updated the iTunes program. Which is cool since it now includes an option to create folders to further organize your music. When I first noticed this I was like, "Holy crap when did this happen I coulda been organized my music." Thankfully, this was a new feature added to v5.0 and nothing that had been there all along in past versions. So I didn't feel to foolish about not taking advantage of this option sooner. Considering it wasn't there before.

In other iTunes interest they have updated the interface slightly. Going for a more streamlined appearance and removing the sidebars. Which isn't as weird as it sounds. It's just kinda strange that Apple doesn't have some type of unified look to it's applications. Mail looks different from Safari, which looks different from iTunes, which looks different from Garageband, which looks really different from everything else. Considering it's knack for design and form fact you would think this would extend to its OS and applications.

And finally my one true gripe about iTunes. The Music Store. Though it is cool if you are into music (and paying for it legally, which I don't mind, once other avenues have been exhausted *clears throat*). At least into music in your particular country of residence. While it will allow you to browse all the other music stores for every other country that iTunes is in, it will only allow you to purchase from your country. Unless you have a credit card with an out of the Union address all you can do is window shop. Or window listen as the case maybe. Which sucks if you are really into music. I'd purchase from the Japan store, the UK, Canada and any other play I ran across interesting music. But alas that it is not to be. Apparently, in addition to suck ass record labels, other countries have completely different laws about music and copyrights and such. Combine that with record label BS and you are confined to your country of residence when it comes to buying music. This is what I have learned after posting to a message board about a possible work around. Too bad, so sad. There ain't none. Glad I found that French website with the Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack.