Andy Milonakis is a Brotha

I’ve gained some respect for this kid. Seriously. He has a goofy ass show on MTV. The Andy Milonakis Show if you ain’t heard. Contrary to popular belief he was not the “Man Show Boy.” That kid was just that. A kid. Andy Milonakis is a grown ass man. And if you can believe IMDB (which I am having a hard time doing) he is only 3 years younger than me. Making him a 29 year old that looks and acts (at least on his show) like a 15 year old. Mostly its just him acting goofy. Doing the kind of silly shit that you would expect a kid to do when they play at home alone. Except he has a film crew and a production budget. Some of it was funny and some of it not so much. I’ve never seen an entire episode and then I’ve only probably seen material from about 3 episodes. Couldn’t get through all of it. Heard him on Love Lines once. Came off as a relatively cool cat. Albeit a bit spacey in his thought process. You could tell that he has been influenced by hip hop as Snoop Dogg was a guest on his show and he will occasionally bust a rhyme or 2. Not necessarily anything particularly good but he seems relatively fearless. Ok, whateva.

So, today checking out iTunes just to see what’s new. Haven’t checked the celebrity playlists in awhile so I open the link and damn if this mofo ain’t the first person on the list. Ok, what the hell does this kid listen too? I click on the link expecting Snoop, 50 Cent & the Dip Set. But then suddenly I have a whole new respect for Andy Milonakis. If you use iTunes click on the link below and you might too:

Andy Milonakis' Playlist

IMDB might be right. I mean seriously how many people under 20 even know who Big L is? Let alone have an appreciation for his music.

Life holds no more surprises for me.