Holy crap, I'm out of Shape

Ok, Rain was bugging me earlier today about blogging. And since this just happened I figure it's a decent enough topic to talk about. So, yeah I'm out of shape. I know this not because of how I look in the mirror (though that is also rather telling) but because I just felt my back. My lower back. Those of you who have been unlucky enough to experience back pain can probably relate. But let's be clear I didn't experience back pain I just felt my lower back. It's hard to describe if you've never felt it. But rest assured that I know my lower back is there and in decent working order.

Earlier today one of the desktop techs at my job came by to inform who is staying late (that would be me) that some equipment needed to be moved. Ok, fine. I'm here after hours I'll move it. No big deal. He takes me up stairs shows me the room and the equipment. Shows me where it needs to go. Even brings me a dolly. A cheap as dolly mind you but a dolly none the less. So far so good.

Five minutes after the appointed time I go up there. People are still working. I come back 20 minutes later and I'm told I can start moving stuff. Ok, big stuff. HP laser printer 4000 goes on the dolly. Pack up a laptop and some incidentals and I'm out. Several floors and some hallways later. I'm setting this stuff up in another room.

I wonder as I bend over to start unloading. "I feel my lower back."

Not in a particularly bad way. But I figured it wasn't good. Let's just say I made it a point to be very careful after that. Grabbing with my back up. Lifting with my knees. That sort of thing. By the second trip (which was also the last) I noticed while bending over the desk hooking all this stuff that I needed to sit down. There wasn't any real reason for me to stand anyway. The area where all this stuff went was small and everything was within reach. So, no big deal.

I'm just kinda taken aback. Cause I'm fine now. Don't feel anything weird. But it is somewhat troubling to feel that after so little effort. I need to get a regiment going like DatFuule. I'd hate to have that stabbing back pain from a couple months ago come back. Especially from picking up a fuckin' printer.