Adventures in Back Pain

"I am not a Prophet though I do have prophetic dreams.“ - Huey, The Boondocks

Ok, that’s probably not an exact quote. But considering the title of this entry you get the idea. Because this time last week I was having some real back problems. Through no apparent fault of my own. At least I’d like to think that. I was fine until last Sunday evening. Then my back started to ache. For the life of me I can’t figure out why. I didn’t pick up anything heavy or move in some awkward way. But it got progressively worse such that Monday morning I was ready for a new bed in the hopes that this might alleviate this issue. Well I was half right.

Oh and for the record I broke down and spent the money for a new bed. It’s great and I love it but I digress...

I lounged around most of the day last Monday hoping as I searched the web for an elusive deal on a new mattress that my pain would slowly subside. Considering I popped about 6 Motrin I was sorely disappointed. So by that afternoon I went back to the mattress store got the mattress I really liked and thankfully it was delivered that night. Laying on it was great as my back pain went away and unlike my old one it wasn’t a painful chore to roll over. So long story short by Tuesday my back was worse so I was out from work that day and the next. By Thursday I was still in pain but I could at least get my socks on to go to work. So as I suspected the decision was made for me and slowly but surely I have been recovering. Unfortunately I’m not at 100% but I figure 85-90% is better than the 37% I felt like last week. And, hey, now that I have a queen size I'm officially an adult, right?