Apart at the Seams

Not to keep harping on Seattle (which is a beautiful city by the way) but my friend had a great bed in the guest bedroom. I slept like a fuckin’ baby. And yeah I had to say ‘fuckin’ in order to emphasize how well I slept while I was there. I can’t remember when I was that comfortable or well rested. No achy back or waking up feeling like I need to go back to sleep. Not to say that my bed sucks. Though I realize now that it does. But it was adequate for the purpose of not sleeping on the floor. After this trip I now realize I am really missing out on a good nights sleep. I even went bed shopping over the weekend only to become jaded and cynical by the experience. Who knew a decent (as in good quality and comfortable) bed would be $800 plus. Forget the fact that a couple I really liked were about G.

So now I have a dilemma. Go deeper in debt for a better nights sleep or go the cheap route like I did when I was sleeping on the floor of my Apt. My current bed cost me about $200. Roughly. In part, I believe, because the guy felt bad for me. He seemed to relate to my situation. Hell, he even strapped the bed to the roof of his car and helped me move it in. The delivery guys were out making deliveries for the day. But now I’m better off (relatively) so it shouldn’t be that big a deal. But it is. I want to upgrade but damn. I found a $400 queen that was, again, adequate. Did I mention I currently have a full size. Moving up to a queen is a step unto itself. Let alone something in the $1000 range. Ultimately the decision may be made for me. I was sitting on the edge of my bed this morning and I noticed... it’s coming apart at the seams. And yes I noticed this through the bedspread. Not to mention I pulled it back to look and it was worse then I thought. Much worse. Between this and the occasional achy back (the one I forgot I had while I was away) I’m going to have to do something sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to sleep on it... no pun intended. Seriously.