Can't Win for Losing


The Universe Enjoys Laughing at Me

A couple months again I visited a friend in Seattle. In there guest room was a very nice lamp with a touch base to turn it on and off. Not only that it had a dimmer feature built in. You touch to turn on a dim light. Touch it again for a little brighter then again for the brightest. Fourth touch and it was off. I thought it was cool and found out you could get it from Target. Came back to Cali and went to 2 different Targets. Of course they didn't have it.

Target online apparently can be cooler than my local stores. Because of course they had it. And it was in stock. Cool. Order it and a about a week later I got it. Picked it up from the apartment manager before work and left it in the apartment. Get home ready to unpack it so I turn on my one other lamp in my apartment. Of course the bulb pops. As in goes out. As in dead as a doornail. I chuckle to myself. No big deal. I have bulbs. Hmm, wouldn't it be something if I only had one left. But of course I have at least 2 left right? No, of course I don't. I have all of one light bulb left in the pantry. So I put it in the one lamp and unpack the new one. Only to be bummed out by the fact that my other bulb went out the same day I get a new lamp. The next day I bought some new bulbs. Though the coincidence of the whole situation was hilarious. It almost seems to be a metaphor for my life...