Evil Is As Evil Does

I’m Just A Real Bastard

And not just by definition. As Brooklyn can attest to when left unchecked my temper can cause me to lash out unexpectedly. It can be particularly shocking to people. By which I mean me. Though it is a truly rare thing to behold it has been known to happen on occasion.

Today, I momentarily flipped on a co-worker today. And it was mostly uncalled for. I won’t bore you with the details but basically it started with a call I got earlier. I tried to resolve it and sent it to who I thought could. After lunch I returned to my office on the phone. Sat at my desk, still on the phone and my co-worker proceeded to talk to me from across the room as though I wasn’t. Though, it was technically about the earlier issue, that is not how she came at me. Basically it was getting close to her time to leave and she wanted me to go up to the see the people in question. Mostly because other people were getting involved. Particularly because she was getting ready to leave. But instead of asking the guy sitting next to her. Who, to my knowledge, wasn’t on a call she coyly calls to me to tell me about this. While I’m already in the middle of a conversation. Even though I was pointing out I was on the phone.

And for a moment I lost it. Detroit rose up in me with an icy stare and flared nostrils. A snide remark about my cell phone and how it was in use and then my co-worker sitting next to her was volunteering to go look into this issue. At this point I collected myself and told my friend I would call her back (earlier in this same conversation she jokingly asked if my co-workers would vote me most likely to go postal because I’m so quiet, and of course I laughed and told her no, yeah right). I calmly walked over and sat beside my co-workers so she could tell us what the hell she was talking about. So she explained to us both what the deal was. This is when the phones started ringing and the guy left to go check out the issues.

That next call I think I was extra polite. As I was still in shock at how my demeanor had changed. I certainly didn’t want to have any misdirected anger at the caller. Especially since they were nice. Tell the truth I don’t know what happened. I had a relatively smooth day. With nothing crazy other than this incident. Maybe I just hate my job. What ever the case, the first chance I got I apologized as profusely as she would allow me to (which wasn’t much) for snapping at her. She didn’t deserve that. We get enough shit from this place with out giving it to each other. Thankfully, she was understanding. Almost to a fault. She’s an older woman. I can see her throwing hot grits on a brotha after convincing him everything is cool. Ok, I’m exaggerating. She is cool and she was cool about it. I’m still gonna keep my eye on her though. Maybe I’ll buy her lunch just to smooth things out. Hell, I still feel kind of bad about it.

Guilty Conscience

After this whole thing I told 2 of my co-workers about it. One being the guy that dealt with the issue. Expressing to them how bad I felt about what happened. The both laughed it off. They both seemed to think the coolness of our co-worker was such that she would ultimately be understanding. And that I pretty much shouldn’t worry about it. On another note the guy that handled the issue pretty much confirmed the cluster fuck of the situation. He gave them a quick fix but ultimately this is beyond us. Some shit just isn’t in our job description.