The Revolution Will Be... Animated?

Apparently the revolution will be televised. And it's on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim no less. For those who don't know, that's when they show the more mature adult oriented programing from like 11pm to 5am Sunday through Thursday. And this past Sunday was the day they decided to have screw whitey day. Because between the Boondocks, Minoriteam, Squidbillies and to a lesser extent Robot Chicken it was all about how the white man was holding us back. Or in the case of Squidbillies just hatin' in general. It was an interesting evening of programming to say the least. Not to mention Boondocks used the N-word 18 times. I heard it was supposed to be 15 but I counted. Interesting indeed. I just wonder how long they can keep up this level of subversion before the real 'MAN' says, "WTF are y'all doin'?."