To crease or not to crease...

I go to a very good dry cleaners in Burbank. I know they are good because they made my 7 year white oxford shirt from the Gap like new again. Whereas another cleaners made the ring around the collar worse. Like really really bad. Shirt was clean the collar wasn't. Even after making them do it again. So I found a new spot. Randomly selected on my way to work, nice sized, clean looking place. Damn if they didn't make my white shirt like new again. Even better they sent me a coupon for my birthday. Then another on GP. So yeah I like my cleaners.

Lately, they were pissing me off though. See I have a lot of flat front khaki's. Cause I don't like pleats on just anything. I purposely buy the flat fronts because I wear casual boots alot. I can kinda get away with it at work. So no big deal. But do you think my cleaners can get it through their heads that flat front don't need creases. They did for a while but the last couple times they couldn't not give me creases. Such a small thing but annoying none the less. Considering I get my clothes back with a big bold "NO CREASE" written on the tag. But they still have creases.

I gave them 3 strikes and they came through for me on the 3rd. I was really ready to give them up. Over some damn creases. I wonder if I should reconsider the whole 3 strikes thing. It seemed kinda silly at this point to give up a great cleaners. But then I think what if I had gotten those damn creases again...