Windows Sucks...

As if you didn't already know. But I bring this up because iTunes no longer works for me on my Windows XP machine at work. Why? I don't know. And I do tech support for a living. Recently I upgraded to version 6 and I'm pretty sure it worked after the upgrade. All I even use it for is internet radio. But not I get some strange memory error. To be specific:

The instruction at "0x0000b7a4" referenced by memory at "0x0000b7a4". The memory could not be "read".

And that's it. Sure I have the option to terminate or debug. But no further info is available. So I'm frustrated and annoyed by this. A co-worker thought I should reinstall. I did. Same problem. I uninstalled rebooted. Searched for everything iTunes and deleted. Reinstalled again still no good. Next I will probably uninstall, deleted everything again, then delete everything in the registry. If that doesn't work I might look online. But shit, man, should I even have to go through all this?