Does GLAAD Need to Grow Up?

I’m just curious. I didn’t see the episode of American Idol that had them in an uproar. However, I did see the clip where Randy questions the guy about whether or not he was a girl. And to me he seemed justified. I mean think about it for a minute. Put yourself in his shoes. A kid walks in that looks like a girl. Hair done up like a girl. Sounds like a girl. Dresses like a girl. And pretty much has feminine mannerisms and attitude but then begins referring to himself (herself?) as a he. Wouldn’t you wonder too? All Randy asked was “are you a girl?” And he kinda did the stutter stammer thing, “are...? are...? are you a girl?” When the guy was like “I’m a guy.” He looked confused and was like “oh, ok.” Too me he seemed genuinely curious. In all honesty EXTRA didn’t show what the other judges had to say about it. But you would think it was some horrible degrading shit the way the guy stormed out of the building proclaiming how racist, sexist, and hateful, not only American Idol but the United States, was. Bare in mind I didn’t see the clip of Simon telling the guy he should wear a dress. And from what I have read about that incident it was probably a completely different person with a completely different situation. I’m just wondering if this is an issue that GLAAD needs to rally behind to chastise FOX and American Idol. Like Brad Pitt said in Fight Club, “Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.“ But don’t get mad at people for being confused about it.