I'm In Love...

with a girl named Hoopz.

As horrified as I was by the idea of Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen, hooking up in Strange Love, I must admit Flavor of Love has become a guilty pleasure of mine. Initially, I thought it was hilarious:

1) because its Flavor Flav playing the bachelor
2) you get to see just how desperate women (people) can be
3) scheming golddigging bitches (and I mean that in the best way possible) and their delusions of grandeur really are train wreck disturbing and funny all at the same time

This is all a crazy recipe for insane drama. I watched the first episode with a mild sense of trepidation but since it was a lazy Sunday, with nothing else on, I gave it a chance. It wasn’t as bad as you might think. While it was strange and disturbing it was actually pretty funny. And not all of the woman on the show came off as money hungry gold diggers. Some actually seemed genuine and sweet. Others came off as... well, a little disturbed. While I haven’t seen every episode completely I do catch it when I can. So far it hasn’t disappointed in it’s entertainment value. If you can allow yourself to be entertained by such a show. But truth be told the only reason I do catch it when I can is one person in particular. Which brings me to the afore mentioned object of my affection.

Hoopz (nickname given to her by Flav, I didn’t catch any of the real names in the first ep) is one of the girls that seems to be surviving the cut every week on the show. And I’m glad she is. Because she is why I watch this show and she is beautiful. The most beautiful on that show in my opinion. I know Rain is probably saying, “what he doesn’t like the asian chicks?” Contrary to popular belief I have an appreciation for the beauty of all woman. Except for evil bitches. Unless they are exceptionally gorgeous. But even then... Anyway, most of the women on that should could be more attractive if they didn’t have all that makeup caked on the there faces. One of the things that I like about Hoopz is that she rarely wears any and when she does she doesn’t look all crazy. She is naturally fine and her body looks just right. Tats and all. Pretty eyes and one of those rare women with a smile that moves me. She is young, from Michigan and at the very least, edited to be a cool ass, down to Earth, round-the-way-girl type of chick. Plus, she can fry the hell out of some chicken. In retrospect I wonder if her Michigan vibe is what drew me to watch her more closely. Me being from Detroit and all. Did I mention she had a great body?

So, yeah I got a thing for a girl named Hoopz. Whose only apparent fault, I can find through the editing, is that she is on a show attempting to win the affection of an ole school rapper that looks like a cockroach (I like Flavor Flav as much as the next but let’s be real here, he ain’t winnin’ no beauty contests). So, for the few of you out there that are still trying to figure out my type (Brooklyn, Rain, I’m talking to you), check out the show and look for the girl named Hoopz. She is definitely my type. Edited personality and all. But hey, Flav’s Moms liked her. That’s got to count for something if momma thinks she’s cool. Right?