Questions & Comments

This is mostly for Rain (feel free to comment or create your own response post) but everyone else please feel free to comment as well.

Yeah, I know. But, hey, I thought it might actually be informative. It used to be informative when they had those “get-out-of-debt-you-to-can-be-a-millionaire” shows. Now it’s just... I don’t even have the words. But, damn it, Dave Chappelle will be on today. I really feel like I need to see that. You know someone is going to bring up his Oprah skit. That alone will probably be worth it.

I got nothing. I know why you say he is a fraud. I know what John Reed thinks of his book. He is pretty much on point. But I think Kiyo is guilty of doing what he can to come up. He does what most people do in his position. Give you a basic concept for something in order to entice you into buying more and more until you can piece together the whole picture. I have read 2 of his books and understand “the game” (not the board game, though I have played it and understand it too). Suffice it to say those 2 books are about all I need to read from him. Something you learn in book 3 (yeah, I skipped book 2, don’t remember why) is all that pay “yourself first” crap applies to corporations. He never mentioned that in the first book. But I must admit the board game is fun as hell with a group of people. Though charging $200 for it is damn near criminal. If he wanted to really be rich he would license it to Milton Bradley charge $25 for it and start rackin’ in the dough. No, I have not bought it.

Reggie Hudlin
Yo, what did he do to Aaron McGruder? I hadn’t heard anything about that. I’ve read a couple of articles\interviews with Aaron McGruder and he only mentioned it in one. And then all he would say about it is that things didn’t work out. But they were still contractually obligated to include him as a producer in the credits of the Boondocks. Even still does that mean I shouldn’t read a good book because of something the author did in his personal life. Should I not listen to R. Kelly or Michael Jackson anymore either? Hmm, that’s probably a subject I don’t need to even bring up... But, for real, what happened with them? The Boondocks is one of the best shows on TV right now. I blame all that on Aaron.

Thing about her is that she is my type of all the chicks on that show. Stripper or not she is fine. I’ve seen her website and she doesn’t look nearly as good on it. Hell, I saw it before I ever saw the show and didn’t even recognize her. But it’s not, just, that she is fine but her TV edited personality seems cool too. So, that’s just gravy. But I do have other types too. That might be something to post about later. Though for now I can get passed her nose...

How did you like that Nissan you rented. I know you didn’t particularly care for the styling but other than that how did you like it? My lease (long story don’t ask) is up in November so I am in the market for a new car. Mostly cause I don’t like the idea of paying on my current car for another 3 to 4 years. The Murano is a consideration mostly because my company can get a discount on Nissans and secondly because I want an SUV. I hate the new look of the Pathfinders and the Xterras get like 15mpg on the highway. Please feel free to offer any SUV suggestions. Though try to keep the price below $30K.

I think you are a victim of this too, dawg. I mean I’m in the exact same boat. If I moved to Glendale it would effectively cut my payments almost in half. Give or take $10. Never mind my lack of moving violations or accidents or anything else that you would think plays a major part in the price of your premiums. The bad stuff effects the price why not the lack of it too. After years of a spotless driving record the most I could get from my company was a 9 month payment as opposed to a 10 month. While I appreciate it, it does seem a little... patronizing. I mean everything else stayed exactly the same. And, yes, the down payment does cover the remaining months.