Detroit, What?!?!

Contrary to popular belief I don't hate Detroit. Really I don't. Just the rotten muthafuckas that inhabit it. Ok, fine, 911 gets 2 million calls a year. A fourth of those calls are either incorrect calls for services not provided by 911 or pranks. Seriously, where is the joke when a 5 year old calls because his mother passed out. How in the hell is he playing on the phone? I heard the tape and he wasn't laughing.

Now the woman who was shot was unusually calm but still... She just caught 2 bullets, one of which in the head, and is laying in a pool of her own blood, it's conceivable she was in shock. But to sit back and call her crazy while she pleads with you to send some help? Come on y'all. I heard that tape, too. These nasty, rude 911 workers are just plain wrong.

All that and then Proof was shot. Sad.

I love Detroit. But the rancid bastards that live there...

And for the record if you are a good person that still lives there then I am not talking about you. Capiche? - Lawyer: Boy not alone in Detroit 911 snub