People are Weird

So I decide to have that beer I mentioned over at The Thanksgiving Project. Mostly cause I wanted to have a drive in the night air. This gave me the opportunity to check out a couple of neighborhoods near by that have condos for sale that I might interested in. So on the way back to the house I stop by the 24 hour CVS. And who knew that it was jumpin' on a Sunday night at 10PM.

Not that it was crowded but there were a lot people there. More than I had ever seen during the day. Since I was there I decided to grab a few things I needed. Which basically amounted to some razors and some tape. So once I got that stuff I headed to the freezer and got a 12 pack of MGD. Now this was the night CVS wanted to make it difficult as I had a problem getting the razors from the dispenser. So sure enough it was taking some work sliding the 12 pack out the frig. Halfway there I hear someone say, "excuse me, sir." Since I've almost got the beer I continue to pull it out as I turn to the side to see who was speaking. Some jovial old white man pushing a cart in the damn CVS wearing a black t-shirt and some old school bodybuilder pants to match. You know the ones. Not quite parachute pants but not quite sweat pants either. Hell, I think they might have had stars going down the side of them. Anyway, he apparently decided to come down my aisle and turn the corner right as I was blocking it with the refrigerator door. No worries the beer was out the door was closing and he said "thank you" and went on about his business.

But the more I thought about it the more annoyed I got. "Muthafucka don't you see me standing here havin' trouble getting this 12 pack out the damn refrigerator. Slow yo old ass roll fo' you get smacked the fuck up, bitch." Not sure why that started to bother me so much. Maybe cause it seemed obvious to me that I was having an issue getting this case out. Or the fact that his old ass went down this aisle with an empty cart to seemingly act as if I was in his way. I know I'm putting way to much thought into this. I probably just need some ass...