The Week in Review - June 19 to June 27 2006

So thankfully I got some new tires last Monday on the 19th. They didn't have the ones I priced in stock so I went with another model from the same manufacturer (Kumho). Since I had got the quote online they let me get the tires they had for the same price. I found out later that they should have been more expensive, so that was cool. I didn't get the speed rating I wanted but hey when am I ever going to go 149mph in a Camry let alone the 120 my current tires are rated for. With the tires and the alignment everything is great with me and the Camry. Now I just need a wash, wax, some new floor mats and decent sounds system and I will be ready for car owner ship in another year or so. I can't wait to not have a car note.

The next day I drove to San Diego to hang out with Brooklyn (speaking of which she needs to post something new) and her co-worker. Had a good time just wish I could have stayed longer. This 9 to 5 shit sucks man. I could have stayed in SD for the rest of the week as far as I'm concerned. But the job calls. Tyler Durden was right. "Things you own, end up owning you." I'm a slave to the system man. And that shit sucks.

I have rediscovered my love of video games. Between the new Tomb Raider and God of War my PS2 has been getting a workout recently. If you are into games at all pick these 2 up. The motorcycle levels in Tomb Raider aren't all that great but there are only a few and the rest of the game more than makes up for it. God of War takes some rather extreme liberties with greek mythology (Kratos kills Medusa, Kronos is alive and cursed to roam the Greek Desert[seriously WTF?] with castle of Pandora on his back, not to mentions the Sirens that roam the desert, the Greek Desert mind you) but that aside the game play is incredible. This is what Devil May Cry wishes it was. And to all my Devil May Cry fans, if you have to release a special edition to your game whose only new feature is that the game is easier, well you made your game too fuckin' hard in the first place. Kratos would rip Dante's metro ass in half. And you know it...

Why can't everyone make great games like these. Or at least mediocre games with tight controls. I recently bought 24 the Game and haven't picked it up since getting to hour 3. Pedestrian graphics and a poor control scheme makes it seem like a bad remake of Max Payne with out the tight controls. I mean really if a bad guy is standing right in front of me why do I turn to the right and start shooting at the wall when I hit L1 to auto target my enemy. Shit like that is unacceptable in this day an age. Especially with a game tied to such a great show. Hell the game is even in continuity with the series taking place, I believe, between Days 2 and 3 of the series. Storyline, good (it's still 24 after all). Gameplay, rubbish.