Must be something in the air...

Two posts in one month.  Must be a blue moon or something.  Actually this is mostly just a place holder.  Away for me to get the stuff out of my head that I was actually going to blog about but never got around to it.  It's my goal to work through each topic piece by piece until they all get posted.

I Must Be Grown Part II
Back in Decemeber I thought I got jipped by a impromtu visit to the eye doctor.  Because I spent almost $300 for eye glasses.  Again being grown means I just pay for the shit I need rather than wait for things to get worse.  Truth is though I didn't get jipped I probably got over or broke even.

I Must Be Grown Part III
I decided to take the plunge last year and seriously search for a house.  That's right it was my mission to become a home owner.  In California no less.  And it worked.  I must have looked at 30 houses.  My real estate agent and I literally felt like we had adventures during our search.  If only because of the crazy shit in peoples homes that we encountered.

The Fuck Am I Doin'...
I went to high school with the twins on the cover of the January issue of Black Enterprise.  I literally did a double take after I tossed it on the bed in my studio.  "WTF, that looks like Sean and Shane.  Oh shit, It is..."  And yes I did know them while in HS.  We had classes together and graduated the same year.  Which makes us all the same age.  So yeah I was all so like, "WTF am I doin'...?"

I Must Be Grown Part IV
So it took me three times but I finally found a condo.  Three times as in I bid on three places.  Burbank (which had an amazing view), Sherman Oaks (but the seller was dick) and finally my current undisclosed location in the SF Valley.  Almost bid on another place in SO but I found this place.  And then I had to sign docs three times.  Felt like I bought 3 places.  But that's another story.

The Cost of Ownership
Ok, I didn't know how much blinds cost and I spent way to much.  I just didn't know.  I paid a copy to install them and everything.  Who knew?  A life lesson for the future.

People Suck or Postal Problems
There was a weird incident at my local post office.  I witnessed most of it but got out of there as quick as I could.  Not out of fear or anything severe annoyance.  It ended with the lady (the customer) demanding that the police be called she was not leaving until she got an apology from the lady that hung on her on the phone when she called earlier whose name she didn't get.  Right.  Give me my package, I'm out.  If only because I don't want to have to be the one to explain to the police how much of an unreasonable bitch this lady was being.

And then there was guy a week or so later that seemed to be headed in the same direction by demanding a supervisor.  Thankfully all I had to do was check my box.  I didn't witness enough of this to tell if he was being as ridiculuous as the first lady.  But hell I got the impress that that was how it was going down.

It's official my poetry book Precious Veyonne Belief is finally available for purchase.  You can find it on Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and problem some other outlets I am completely unaware of.  I think I found it on Target once believe it or not.  But they are part of the big 'A'.  Now if some of you bastards would actuall buy it.  I'm so disgussed it with all of you right now.

*SIGH* moving on...

FedEx Sucks Ass
They are just terrible.  I did not say when I placed my order that my package could be left at my neighbors.  I DID NOT.  And I know they are wrong because the guy that brought me package number 3 the next day was headed toward the elevator when he thought I wasn't home.  Not my neighbors.  Funny how 3 items on the same order prompted 3 deliverys.  Two out of three being sent to the neighbors.  Lazy bastards just leave me a sticker like UPS so I can pick it up from the delivery center.  Bastards...

Well, so far that's all I got.  If I can think of anything else I will post it.  Like said I plan telling the stories behind these topics as time go on.  Some of them will be longer than others.  Some shorter than expected.

Oh, before I forget DatFuule got me thinking about the one white chick I ever went on a date with.  Notice I said "date" and not "dated."  One date doesn't count as "dated" to me.  Damn, she was stacked.  I might post about it.  I might not.  It's only interesting as an example of flakiness and the weird dynamics of a supposed friendship.  But anyway.  Until next time...

Oh, and I did a colon cleanse back in June. But I should probably save that for The Thanksgiving Project...

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