I use to think that I wasn't fine enough...

"I use to think that I wasn't fine enough..." - Love by Keyshia Cole

That's not exactly true. I still don't think I am particularly fine enough but that's a whole other conversation. Forget for a minute that it has been some months. Please do, because I expressed how this happens in
A Theory of Time, so cut me so slack. Forget for a minute that I have been contemplating blogs for months now. Forget for a minute that last year I ran into Martin Landau at my ghetto ass post office picking up a package. Seriously, I gave him the head nod and everything. This is the surreal stuff that happens to me. So just for a minute, forget that it has been some months and bear with me...

So, almost a couple weeks ago I had a weird moment. I meant to blog about it but as you know some times time itself seems to slip by me. I was at a local Subway recently when I ran across this girl that seemed familiar to me. I don't know why exactly but there was something about her. Initially I thought it was because she reminded me of the chick that plays Jo from Eureka. However, after watching the latest episode of CSI: NY I realized that the Subway chick was a dead ringer for Detective Angel only shorter, latina and marginally thicker. If Detective Angel is 5'7" and a size 2 (I'm just guessing here folks) then subway chick was 5'3" and a size 4. But believe me when I tell you she looked just like her only with a bigger booty. It was weird cause I kept thinking, "why do I know this chick?" the whole time I was there. Truth is I didn't know her exactly she just looked like the CSI chick. Which is odd enough in an of itself.

Which brings me to the point of this post. So I walk in to Subway and I noticed its a little different. You walk all the way to the back to place your order then move to the front as they make your sandwich. Ok, no big deal. I move to take my place at the end of the line and notice that Detective Angel chick is in front of me. Short but curvy with a juicy little booty, hair down her back (more accurately probably just below her shoulders) and seemingly familiar. I'm waiting in line to place my order trying not to stare. I do notice her but I don't want to be obnoxious. She apparently ordered a foot long chicken and they were making it for her when one of the chicks that worked there finally asked me what I wanted. I was getting the chicken teriyaki so they got the bread and got the meat to put in the microwave when I noticed Detective Angel chick looked over at me and smiled. I gave her my usual "I noticed your smile smirk" look and tried not to stare. Because quite frankly, the chick that plays Detective Angel is fine as hell. And as this chick looked just like her (seriously she could have been her latin sister) I was trying not to sweat her. So after that first smile I started looking at the menu and literally a voice in my head told me not to try and talk to her. Seriously, even though I was completely attracted to this chick something was telling me to let it go. So then of course that's when it got kinda weird.

See as I was standing there next to her looking at the menu, listening to the voice in my head telling me not to actually talk to this chick, as I tried not to pay attention to her, is when they fucked up her order. So of course she looks at me like, "what the fuck." I gave her the half smirk and the "hey what can you do" shoulder shrug. She wanted salt & pepper but they gave her what ever was in some other shaker they had there. If I had to guess it was oregano. She explains this to them and then looks at me again as if she was looking for confirmation that she was right with a look that says, "unbelievable." So I give her a side eye shoulder shrug that says, "hey you know how it goes." Quite honestly since I had that voice telling me not to talk to her I didn't know what else to do. Keep in mind, I was standing there the whole time thinking she was fine as hell. Then I realize that the chick making her sandwich was not too good with english. So the chick making my sandwich started trying to fix Detective Angel chicks sandwich. She basically tells the subway chick that her sandwich looks disgusting and that she needs to start over. Subway chick users her plastic gloved hand to wipe all the toppings off of Detective Angels sandwich and again Angel looks at me like, "WTF." Again I give her her the smirk and the shoulder shrug like, "hey what can you do." She shakes her head and returns her attention to the subway chick making her sandwich. Now the original chick that was making her sandwich starts making mine. Even though she seems to have some issues with english she finishes my sandwich with no problems. Detective Angel gets her sandwich and pays for it before mine is finished and goes to sit down near the entrance. So of course I notice she sits with some guy and a little boy right by the entrance. My mind then tells me that is why it didn't want me to talk to her. So they finish my sandwich and I head out.

On the way I out, of course Detective Angel chick is sitting right by the door. Right across from little man and big man. So naturally as I am heading for the door she decides to get up, for what ever reason. As I have to pass her I look at her and she looks at me with the same awkward, "what the hell was that" look. I give her the raised eyebrow, "phew, glad that's over" look. And I leave without further incident.

Here is the thing. If I hadn't had that thought like I shouldn't try to talk to her I probably wouldn't have even given this much thought. But as it turns out I couldn't help but wonder what the hell that was about. Cause I'm pretty oblivious when it comes to flirting. If a chick doesn't make it painfully obvious then I don't usually even consider it as a viable possibility. But as I told Brooklyn about this after it happened, she seemed to think that maybe there might have been some mild flirtation going on there. If only because she kept looking at me for reassurance. As for me I was mostly oblivious and as I needed a hair cut I tried not to even give it much thought. But as I am writing this post you can see I did think about it. Mostly because I had the thought to not talk to her. Considering she was there with what was potentially her boyfriend/husband and son it is probably a good thing I didn't. I certainly don't need the rejection right now. Brooklyn has me convinced that it might not have been as bad as I thought. Considering my luck it seems appropriate that I would, run across a fine ass chick that I am attracted that would give me a second look, at the Subway while she was with her man and her son. That's just the kind of luck that I have. Before talking to Brook I was just thinking it might have been a weird awkward moment. I was going to post that to get the opinion of the Blogoverse. But now I wonder if maybe... just maybe all this working out I have been doing might be paying off. Just a little bit at least. I mean Detective Angel is fine as hell. And if her twin was even remotely looking at me as if might have been, kinda cute... well that would just make my month. But then again I am easy to please. That or I am a more lonely bastard than I care to admit. Either way I got smiled at by a fine as chick. And I can't be mad at that. Can I?